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Holy Wells | Grotto

Holy Wells

We did not come across any Holy Wells during our visit to Mungret/Raheen/Crecora parish. However, Danaher mentions a well in the parish of Mungret, in the townland of Skehacreggaun, called Toberpatrick. The well was about eight feet square and seven feet deep, with a flight of steps leading down to water level. According to legend the well lost its virtues when a woman lost clothes in it. Devotions are no longer held here and the location of the well is no longer known.

There was a Holy Well near the abbey but according to tradition, it moved when someone tried to wash their feet in it. The location is now unknown.


Mungret Grotto
© Mungret Grotto

A grotto to Mary has been erected at the entrance to Mungret village.

Holy Wells | Grotto

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