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Loughill had been part of the parish of Glin until the death of Fr Daniel McCoy, parish priest of Glin, in 1855 when it became a separate parish. Ballyhahill was part of the parish of Shanagolden/Kilmoylan in 1855 but with the death of Fr Mortimer Collins P.P. of Shanagolden/Kilmoylan in 1857, Ballyhahill joined with Loughill to form the present day parish.

The name Loughill comes from the Irish Leamh Choill, which means 'the elm wood'. Ballyhahill is translated into Irish as Baile Átha Dhá Thuile that is translated as 'the ford at the mouth of two floods' or 'the town of two floods'.

The area of Loughill developed following the arrival of the Normans to the region in the twelfth century. In the past there were ironworks in Loughill where the large supply of timber in the area was converted into charcoal for the smelting of iron ore.

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