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Ballyhahill Church

Ballyhahill church
© Ballyhahill church

Ballyhahill church was built in 1829 under the leadership of Dean Patrick McNamara P.P. of Shanagolden. The church was dedicated to Our Lady of the Visitation. According to a plaque in the main porch, the church was renovated in 1969 and was reopened in 1971 by Bishop Murphy and Patrick O'Dea P.P.

© Altar in Ballyhahill church

The altar in the church was erected to the memory of Fr W. Walsh P.P. of Longton, Staffordshire, England. There is a statue to Joseph and the Infant in the left transept of the church. To the left of the altar, there is a painting of Jesus and Piontus Pilate washing his hands. There is also a painting of Jesus and the crown of thorns, which was a gift of Mrs Joyce.

Stained glass window of The Immaculate Conception in Ballyhahill Church  Stained glass window of the Sacred Heart in Ballyhahill Church
© Stained glass windows in Ballyhahill church

To the right of the altar, there are two paintings, one of Mary and Child, and the other of Jesus being laid in the tomb. In the right transept there is a statue to Mary. There is a stained glass window to the Sacred Heart in the right porch.

In the left porch of the church, there is a stained glass window of Mary Immaculate, erected August 15th 1927.

Over the main door of the church, there is a wood carving of the Last Supper.

Statue of Joseph and Child in ballyhahill church  Statue of Mary in Ballyhahill Church
© Statues in Ballyhahill church

Buried in the Church are:

  James Hogan, Parish Priest 1863-1876
  John Reeves, Parish Priest 1876-1892, Died September 14 1892
  Stephan Danaher, Parish Priest 1892-1918, Died October 16 1918

Buried within the Church Grounds are:

  Patrick J. O'Regan, Parish Priest 1973-1985, Died October 3, aged 72
  Thomas O'Sullivan, Parish Priest 1948-1958, Died May 28 1958

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