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Knockaderry Church

Knockaderry Church
© Knockaderry Church

St Munchin's Church, the present day church in Knockaderry, was built in 1840 while Denis O'Brien was the parish priest. As stated earlier, the parish was not joined with Clouncagh until 1853. A small holy water font on the left-hand side of the nave near the altar bears the inscription "T. D'Alton Sculptor 1820". The marble altar, which was made by Costelloes of Kilmallock, as well as the altar rails and gates, was donated by W. Power of Chesterfield in 1897 at a cost of £800. Of these three items, only the marble altar remains, as the altar rails were removed during 1972.

Altar in Knockaderry Church
© Altar in Knockaderry Church

In 1908/9, the church was completely renovated. The walls were raised, and the church was re-roofed, at a cost of £1200. Recently, planning permission was granted to build a new sacristy at the back of the church and a porch at the front of the church. The marble reredos was removed from the church interior to be cleaned and reconstructed during the work on the church. The gallery over the main door has been removed and the two new galleries have been built in the church transepts. With voluntary help and contributions from the parishioners' money, the church has been kept in good condition over the years. A new church porch was built during 1999 and 2000.

Stained glass window of the Blessed Virgin Mary  Stained glass windows in Knockaderry Church   Stained glass window of the Sacred Heart
© Stained glass windows in Knockaderry Church

Over the main door of the church, there is a stained glass window of St Patrick and St Ita that is to the memory of members of the Power family. Most of the windows in the church are of a plain design. However, the stained glass windows to the left and right of the altar were donated to the memory of Patrick and Horiona Mulqueen respectively. These windows depict the Sacred Heart and the Virgin Mary.

Statue of the Sacred Heart  Statue of the blessed Virgin
© Statues in Knockaderry Church

On the left hand side of the church there is a statue to the Sacred Heart while on the opposite side there is a statue to Mary. William Power of Chesterfield and his sister Anastasia donated the marble altar, rails and gates in memory of their family.

Buried within the church is:

Fr D. McCarthy, PP from 1885 to 1890, Died February 15th 1890,
Aged 63

Buried in the grounds of the church is:

Canon John O'Shaughnessy, PP from 1890 to 1924


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