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Kilmallock Church

Kilmallock church
© Kilmallock church

Kilmallock church is dedicated to SS. Peter & Paul. Building was commenced in 1879 when the Bishop of Limerick, Dr. George Butler laid the foundation stone on July 6th. K. B. Brazier who was a Protestant landholder from Mallow, Co. Cork, gave the site. Inside the foundation stone is a bottle that contains the coins that were in circulation in 1879. Thomas Downes was the parish priest for the duration of the building of the church. Fr Downes is buried in front of the high altar in the church.

The builder of the church was Michael Walsh of Foynes and the architect was J. J. McCarthy. The church was not opened to the public until 1889. The church was built on a site that was formerly an obscure back lane. Some of the stained glass windows in the new church are modeled on the windows in the abbey.

Altar in Kilmallock church
© Altar in Kilmallock church

The stained glass windows can be seen behind the high altar (13th century east window from the Dominican priory) and facing the sacristy (15th century traceried window in the south transept of the priory). The stained glass window at the back of the altar is to the memory of Fr Thomas Downes who was parish priest from 1841 until his death in 1890. The church was reroofed in 1985.

Angel Mosaic decoration in Kilmallock church  Crusifixtion Mosaic decoration in Kilmallock church  Our Lord Mosaic decoration in Kilmallock church
© Mosaic decoration in Kilmallock church

The church in Kilmallock is renowned for the mosaics that adorn it. These are styled in the fashion of the Victorian era and include the sanctuary ceiling, which has a striking design of leaves and flowers that are painted on wood.

Killmallock Church Stained Glass window

Abbey stained glass window
© The Abbey and Kilmallock Church
Stained Glass Windows in Kilmallock Church

At the left of the main altar there is a side altar to the Sacred Heart, which was donated by Mrs. Smyth of Glenfield in 1892 to the memory of her son and husband. Near this altar there is a stained glass window in memory of Fr Patrick Meehan who was parish priest from 1890 until 1904.

Large stained glass window
© Large Stained Glass Window

Stephen B. Walsh and his family gave the altar on the right hand side of the church. The stained glass windows near this altar are in memory of Fr Patrick O'Shea C.C. and Fr James O'Shea P.P. who were priests in the parish in the early years of the twentieth century. The parishioners donated the stations.

Three martyrs Stained Glass Window
© Three martyrs
Stained Glass Window

There is two stained glass windows are to the memory of Bishop William Turner, who was a native of Kilmallock and a bishop in Buffalo, USA from 1919 until 1936. These windows depict St. Munchin, St. William of York, St. John's Cathedral and York Cathedral. They also show the Dominican priory and Kilmallock.

On the left-hand side of the church, there is a Pieta that was given by Thomas O'Shaughnessy of Glenfield Road. Near the Pieta is a stained glass window to the three martyrs of their faith from the 16th century, Bishop Patrick O'Healy, Fr Conn O'Rourke and Fr Maurice Mac Enraghty.

In the church there is also windows to St. Ita, St. Munchin, St. Brigid and St. Mocheallóg. Maria Feore gave the church organ in memory of her brother Martin who was chorister in the church for 35 years. Kenneth Jones & Associates made the organ in 1935.

Monument to William Henry O'Sullivan
© Monument to William Henry O'Sullivan

In the grounds of the church in Kilmallock church, there is a large monument to William Henry O'Sullivan MP for Limerick County from 1874 until 1886 and his son John who was J. P., and died in 1898. The headstone is made from marble. The priests and people of Kilmallock and surrounding districts erected this monument.

Buried in the church is:

Thomas Downes, P.P. 1841-1890, Died March 6 1890

Buried in the grounds of the church are:

Canon Edward Looby, P.P. 1994-1995, Died May 27 1995
Canon David Wall, P.P. 1982-1984, Died October 13 1984
Cornelius Mulcahy P.P., Died 1961
Canon James Cowper, P.P. 1961-1975, Died March 4 1975
John Carr, Dioc. of Liverpool, Died July 31 1992, (A native of the parish)
Patrick Meehan, P.P. 1890-1904, Died April 20 1904, aged 84
Canon Michael Minahan, P.P. 1975-1982, Died Jan. 18 1984, aged 78
Patrick O'Sullivan, Diocese of Lancaster, Died March 8 1976
Patrick Bermingham, St. Paul's Liverpool, Died Sept. 20 1952, aged 35
David O'Donnell, P.P. Northam, Western Australia, Died August 8 1932
Daniel O'Shea C.C., Died October 7 1911, aged 48
Archdeacon James O'Shea, P.P. 1904-27, Died Feb. 17 1927, aged 81
Patrick J. Houlihan, P.P. Queen of Peace 1975-1985, Died September 20 1985, (A native of the parish)
John Halpin, P.P. Dean of Wheeling Diocese, West Virginia,
Died February 7 1965

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