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Ballinggaddy Church

Ballingaddy church
© Ballingaddy church

The second church in the parish is in Ballingaddy. This church was built in 1838. At the centenary of the church in 1938 an inscription to Mary was placed on the floor to commemorate the event. The inscription reads "MARIA: Sub tuo praesidio 1838-1938" which means 'Under your protection, O Mary'.

The church is dedicated to St. Mary and Mr. C. Sanders gave the site for the church. Inside the door of the church there is a list of the donors who donated various items to the church when it was it built. Mrs. Peg Watt gave the stained glass window of the Assumption of Our Lady.

Altar in Ballingaddy church
© Altar in Ballingaddy church

Buried in the grounds of the church are:

  Canon Jeremiah O'Shea, P.P. Glin, Died October 30 1928, Aged 64
  Fr John O'Shea, P.P. St Mary's Church Adair, St Louis USA, Died October 6 1939, Aged 84

(Both were natives of the parish and were brothers.)

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