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Kilfinane Church | Church Ruins

Kilfinane Church

Kilfinane church  Kilfinane church altar
© Kilfinane church and altar

The present church in Kilfinane was built during the tenure of Fr Patrick Lee as parish priest in Kilfinane from 1877 until his death in 1892. The church is dedicated to St Andrew.

At the back of the church on the right there is a plaque in memory of Fr Maurice Fitzgibbon, who is buried in the grounds of the church. Inside the door of the church on the left, there is a holy water font, donated by Mary T. Hurley. The people of the parish donated the Stations of the Cross.

Left Stained glass windows at Kilfinane  Right Stained glass windows at Kilfinane
© Stained glass windows at Kilfinane

Inside the church, on the left-hand side, there is a plaque and stained glass window to Fr Patrick Lee who died on July 23rd 1892. He is buried on the right hand side of the church, in front of the altar. On the right-hand side, there is another stained glass window and a plaque to the memory of Fr Lee. The people of the parish and friends of Fr Lee donated these.

To the left of the altar there is small altar to the Sacred Heart. This altar and the stained glass window behind it are dedicated to a former parish priest of Kilfinane, Fr Maurice Fitzgibbon. On the right hand side of the altar there is a small altar to the Good Mother Mary. The ladies of the parish erected this altar.

Plaque to Fr Lee
© Plaque to Fr Lee

Buried in the grounds of the church are:

  John B. Kelly C.C., St. Michael's , Died December 8 1935, aged 33
  James Carroll P.P. Died April 14 1934, aged 62
  John U. Carr P.P., Died January 16 1945, aged 78
  Michael R. Power, Died July 1 1962, aged 78, A native of the parish
  John Sheehy, Died October 24 1844, aged 95
  James B. Tobin, Died November 20 1968
  Canon Michael Doody, Parish Priest 1971 - 1979, Aged 77
  Canon Patrick O'Dea, Parish Priest 1979 - 1990, Aged 79
  Patrick (Patsy) Casey, Parish Clark, Died 1964
  Maurice Fitzgibbon, P.P. of Kilfinane & Ardpatrick, Died Dec 1 1858,
aged 66
  Canon John Carrick, Parish Priest 1892 - 1915, Died April 19 1915,
aged 76
  John H. O'Keefe, Diocese of St. Augustine, FL, Died July 6 1960,
aged 65
  John Dolan, President St. Munchin's College, 1934 - 1944, P.P. 1945 - 1955, Aged 65

Kilfinane Church | Church Ruins

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