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Kilcornan Church

Kilcornan Church
© Kilcornan Church

The church in Kilcornan is dedicated to St. John the Baptist whose feastday is on June 24th. The 24th of June was the parish holiday until Fr Patrick Condon ended this tradition during his time as parish priest from 1896 until his death in 1917. The church was built in 1828 while the parish was called Stonehall.

The church in Kilcornan is a small stone building that is just off the main Limerick- Tralee road. A list of the people who gave donations to the church is displayed in the porch of the church. The porch was built in the 1950s and the windows in the porch were donated by Kathleen O'Connell to the memory of John and Brigid Kennedy and her brother Dan.

Altar in Kilcornan church
© Altar in Kilcornan church
Statue in Kilcornan church
© Statue in Kilcornan church

Inside the church on the right, there is a mosaic of Our Lord, which is to the Sheahan family. The altars in the church are to the memory of John Ranahan who died on August 26th, 1954. The altar to the right of the main altar is to the Immaculate Conception.

Stained glass windows in Kilcornan church  Stained glass windows in Kilcornan church
© Stained glass windows in Kilcornan church

Behind the main altar, the Crucifixion is in the middle, with a statue of the Sacred Heart on the left, and a statue to the Virgin Mary on the right. In the gallery of the church, there is a stained glass window to the Crucifixion that is in memory of Michael McKnight who died on May 10th 1936.

In the centre of the nave are two stained glass windows, one to St. Brigid on the left and another to St. Columcille on the right. Mary O'Donoghue donated both of these windows. There are two stained glass windows at the top of the nave. On the left the window is to John the Baptist and is in memory of Mrs. Chapman. The window on the right depicts St. Patrick and it is to the memory of Fr M. O h-Aodha who was parish priest from 1925 until 1930. Fr O h-Aodha died in 1934. Mrs. Patrick Walsh donated the stained glass windows at the back of the church.

Buried in the church are:

  Timothy Foley, Parish Priest 1827-1849, Died October 13 1849.

Buried in the grounds of the church:

  Patrick Condon, P.P. 1896-1917, Died January 14 1917, aged 69
  Stephen Culhane, P.P., Died Easter Sunday, 1920, aged 60

Kilcornan Church
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