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New graveyard in Glin
© New graveyard in Glin

A new cemetery for the parish was opened recently in the townland of Kinnard, on the road to Athea, due to lack of space in Kilfergus and Glin.

Graveyard around Glin church
© Graveyard around Glin church

Buried in the graveyard at Glin church are a number of priests who ministered in the parish over the years. The oldest headstone we found in the cemetery at the back of the church dated from the 31st of October 1878. The headstone is to the memory of James Hough.

Kilfergus cemetery
© Kilfergus cemetery

A large cemetery is adjacent to the church ruins in Kilfergus. The tomb of the Knights of Glin is near the church ruins. This cemetery has been the resting-place of the Knights of Glin from around 1400 until 1866 according to a plaque, which has been erected over their tomb.

The oldest headstone that we could decipher was in memory of John Murry who died on November 8th 1802. Due to the age of the cemetery, some of the inscriptions on headstones and tombs have faded away. However, it is possible that this cemetery may have been a burial place since the 1400s, bearing in mind the inscription on the tomb of the Knights of Glin.

According to Westropp, there was a burial ground surrounding Killeany church, which was in the old parish of Kilfergus.

Plaque commemorating the Knights of Glin
© Plaque commemorating the
Knights of Glin
Plaque at Kilmurley
© Plaque at Kilmurley

There is a burial ground surrounding the church ruin in Kilmurly. No headstones are visible at this site but a plaque was erected here by Tarbert Youth Social Action Group in 1995. The plaque was erected to the memory of the Holy Innocents that are buried within the church ruins.

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