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Church Ruins

Kilfergus church ruin
© Kilfergus church ruin

Prior to the building of the present day parish church, Kilfergus was used as a place of worship. Today, the remains of a church can be seen here. Fr William MacEnery and some of the local landowners renovated this church between 1814 and 1816. The Catholic population of the parish was unable to provide adequate funds for the completion of renovations, and so it was necessary to seek financial assistance from the wealthy landowners of the area. However, the exact date of the erection of this church is unknown.

Kilmurly church ruin
© Kilmurly church ruin

Begley mentions that there was a church and cemetery in the townland of Killmurille (Kilmurly as it is called nowadays) in 1807. Kilmurly church is in the county of Kerry but it is in parish of Glin. Until 1807, this church was considered to be in the Diocese of Ardfert. This church is dedicated to St Murghaile. Westropp measured the church as 50 feet by 23 feet. The walls were 2 feet 10 inches thick that were built from small stones. Today the church is in ruins and is covered by ivy. Parts of the walls have fallen but most of the structure of the church is intact.

Westropp also mentions a church and burial ground called Killeany, which were in the old parish of Kilfergus, of which Glin was a part. It became part of the Diocese of Limerick on August 13th 1807 by Bishop John Young.

Glin Church | Church Ruins

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