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Church Ruins

Darragh church
© Darragh church

The church ruin in Darragh consists of a nave and choir and is situated in the far corner of Darragh graveyard. An inscription over the ruin reads "Frederick Bevan 1839"and the wall at the entrance to the grounds also bears an inscription, which says that the wall was built in 1829 by Bevan. The Bevans were the local landlords and their seat was at Darragh House.

Fr Lane told us that this might have been the site of a convent. It is believed that an order of nuns stayed here before moving to Youghal, Co. Cork. In the farthest corner of the grounds, it seems that there may have been other buildings on this site previously. A wall that runs along parallel from the church ruin makes this evident.

The grounds are well maintained. There is a graveyard on the site as well.

Westropp mentions a church in Kilflyn. A Church of Ireland now stands on the site. He also lists Manister na nGall or Keale, which was in the old parish of Kilflin, founded by Roche in the fourteenth century for the Dominicans.

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