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Holy Wells

Toberhoran Well
© Toberhoran Well

According to Danaher, there are two wells in the parish of Feenagh/Kilmeedy. In the Feenagh part of the parish there is a well in the townland of Ahaveheen. The well was called Toberhoran and was situated close to the River Deel. The well is situated on the lands of Michael Curtin and is overgrown. The well was rarely visited. The water was believed to cure sore eyes. Danaher states that the patron of the well is unknown.

St Brigid's Well
© Saint Brigid's Well

In the Kilmeedy part of the parish there is a well in the townland of Cloonpasteen called Toberbreedia or St Brigid's well. The well is on the lands of Seamus Murphy. The well is still visited occasionally by people who take bottles of water from it but no devotions are held at the well nowadays. Danaher wrote that rounds were still made and the well had a strong, clear spring in 1955. On our visit to the well, Danaher's description was indeed correct. Mr Murphy told us that locals call the stream that flows from the spring Gaffney's river, which eventually becomes the River Deel. Tradition also claims that the well has never gone dry. The well was usually visited on February 1st, the feast of its patron. The water was believed to cure blindness.


Holy Year Cross in Kilmeedy
© Holy Year Cross in Kilmeedy

On the hill, overlooking the village of Kilmeedy, a large white cross was erected to commemorate the Holy Year of 1950.

Holy Wells | Cross

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