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Naomh Íde Graveyard
© Naomh Íde Graveyard

On the road from Kilmeedy to Feenagh there is a new graveyard called Reilig Naomh Íde, or St Ita's graveyard, which was opened in March 1993.

Kilmeedy graveyard
© Kilmeedy graveyard

The graveyard in Kilmeedy is dedicated to St Ita and surrounds a church ruin. The graveyard is kept in good condition. The oldest headstone that we came across dates from 1778 and is to the memory of Mary Creed, who died on April 16th of that year, aged 55. The year 1768 also appears on the headstone but the '7' appears to have been written over the '6',possibly correcting an earlier mistake.

Cloncrew graveyard
© Cloncrew graveyard

The graveyard in Cloncrew is kept in good condition and most of the headstones remain standing and legible. The oldest headstone that we came across was in memory of Thomas Hayes who died on May 20 1767, at the age of 63. This graveyard is still used for burials. Mass is celebrated annually here and is well attended by people.

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