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Dromcollogher Church

Dromcollogher Church
© Dromcollogher Church

The present day church in Dromcollogher was built under the leadership of Fr Michael Fitzgerald in 1824. Fr Fitzgerald acquired the site from a local landlord Mr Staveley. The church is dedicated to St Bartholomew. Renovations were carried out in 1861 by Fr Patrick Quaid. Further renovations were carried out in the 1950's and the 1990's.

The side walls of the nave of this church are very unusual in that they are constructed of glass. This glass has been engraved with both religious and secular scenes, including scenes from the life of St Bartholomew, as well as locally relevant scenes.

Celtic Cross in memory of those who died in the cinema fire
© Celtic Cross in memory of
the victims of the Cinema Fire

To the left of the entrance to the church grounds, a large Celtic cross has been erected. On a Sunday evening, 5th September 1926, William 'Baby' Forde hired a room from Patrick Brennan in the centre of Dromcollogher. He had intended to show two films in this make shift cinema. However, disaster struck when, during the showing, a roll of film was set on fire from the flame of a candle. The fire spread resulting in the deaths of 46 people, with two more dying later in hospital. The unfortunate victims were buried in the churchyard in a communal grave. This Celtic cross was erected as a memorial to the victims of this tragedy. A library has since been built on the site of the fire and a commemorative plaque erected to mark the tragedy.

There is a large Crucifixion scene in the grounds of the church, as well as a statue of the Sacred Heart.

Stained Glass Window of Saint Patrick  Stained Glass Window of the Holy Child of Jerusalem
© Stained Glass Windows in Dromcollogher Church

Within the church, on the left, there is a statue of St Theresa of Liseux, donated by Kitty Fitzgerald. There is a statue of St Joseph on the right. In the left transept of the church, there is a stained glass window of the Sacred Heart, donated by Mrs Toomey in memory of her parents and her husband. There is also a stained glass window of the Holy Child of Jerusalem in this transept. A plaque states that David O'Leary Hannigan and Mary of Kilbolane, Milford Co. Cork, donated the apse, stained glass window, and niche to the Holy Family, in memory of George in 1906.

Altar in Dromcollogher Church
© Altar in Dromcollogher Church

On the right of altar, there is a statue of the Sacred Heart. William Pearse, father of Padraig Pearse and William Pearse, donated the statue of Mary on the left.

The stained glass windows behind the altar were donated by O'Leary Hannigan. They depict (from left to right) St David, Mary, the Sacred Heart, and St Catherine.

Shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary  Shrine to the Sacred Heart
© Shrines in Dromcollogher Church

There is also a stained glass window of St Patrick in the right transept, donated in memory of Patrick Q. Hannigan and Mrs Hannigan. A statue of the Pieta has been erected here, and according to a nearby plaque, the Pieta and niche are in memory of John Gleeson, who died on September 22nd 1901. The stained glass window of St Joseph, also in this transept, was given by Patrick O'Sullivan, Shessure.

Stained Glass Window at the back of Dromcollogher Church
© Stained Glass Windows at the
back of Dromcollogher Church

A statue in the porch of the right transept depicts the death of St Joseph, while the statue in the left hand porch depicts the Holy Family.

The Stations of the Cross are dedicated to the memory of Dorcas Mary Aherne, who died in October 1895.

The stained glass window at the back of Dromcollogher church is in memory of John Murphy of Tullig, who died on October 13th 1905.

Buried within the church is:

  William O'Donnell, P.P. for 33 years, Died August 25th 1876, Aged 62

Buried in the grounds of the church are:

  Michael Byrne, P.P. for 16 years, Died 23rd June 1917, Aged 72 years
  James Canon Foley, P.P. from 1936-1946
  John Canon Reeves, P.P. for 9 years, Died Feb. 5th 1936, Aged 80
  Archdeacon Hugh O'Connor, P.P. 1946-1972, Died on 25th March 1972, Aged 79

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