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Introduction to Bruff-Meanus-Grange   Bruff-Meanus-Grange   Churches


The old name for Bruff was Brúgh na nDéise meaning the Palace or the Residence of the Déisí. Another derivation for Bruff is An Brú meaning 'the Abode'. The Déisí were a sept or people who were settled in East Limerick in very remote times. The territory was known as an Déis Bheag (the small Decies) to distinguish it from the larger Decies territory in South Tipperary and Waterford.

Grange or Manister Grange was a parish or district in the barony of Small County. The Irish for Grange is An Gráinseach. There are three stone circles in Grange. See Local Sites in Bruff-Meanus-Grange.

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Introduction to Bruff-Meanus-Grange      Churches