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Church Ruins

Old Church at Colmanswell
© Old Church at Colmanswell

The previous church in Colmanswell was built under the leadership of Fr James Ryan P.P. The plaque on the wall of the church gives the year 1837 but the name P. Ryan P.P. Nearly all of the church is still standing. Begley states that Fr Flanagan, the first parish priest of Ballyagran, is buried in the old church in Colmanswell. This church ruin is across the road from the present church in Colmanswell. The bell tower is also standing beside the ruin.

Church Ruin in Colmanswell Graveyard
© Church Ruin in Colmanswell graveyard

An older church ruin is in the graveyard in Colmanswell, near the well of St. Colman. Westropp states that it was here that "the coarb and shrine of St. Patrick were taken by the 'Danes' 845" from Farannán who was the then abbot of Armagh.

The church was dedicated to St. Colman on November 24th 1410. This date would mean the church is dedicated to Colman of Cloyne and not Colman of Kilmacduagh from Galway. The ruin dates from around 1420 and there was another church here from around 1000. It may also have been the site of a monastery under St. Colman.

Church Ruin at Castletown
© Church Ruin at Castletown

The church ruin in Castletown was once the parish church of the old parish of Corcomohide. It is believed that the first church was built here around 1200. The original church was destroyed in the war of 1302 and the replacement church was dedicated to the Purification in 1410. Westropp measured the ruin as 120 feet by 26 feet 9 inches with the walls measuring 14 feet in height and 3 ½ feet thick. Within the church is a vault to the Hartes of Coolruss.

According to Westropp, there was a site in Cappanihane, however he does not specify if there was a church or a burial ground on the site.

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