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Holy Wells

Danaher mentions two wells in the parish. They are both situated in the townland of Moig South and are 20 yards apart. Danaher wrote that circular walls enclose each well but the stonework is in a state of disrepair. There were some whitethorn trees near the wells. Rounds were usually made before sunrise on Sunday mornings but devotions have ceased at the wells a number of years ago.

However, when the land changed hands, the wells were filled in and all that remained was a pool of water. As a result of this, the location of the wells is now uncertain. According to legend, there came to be two wells because someone washed dirty clothes in the well. The next day there were two wells and so the people could not establish the real well. It was claimed that a fish would appear in the original well.

Mass Rock

It is believed that there is a mass rock in the parish in the townland of Ballincourty but there is no proof of this.


Askeaton Grotto
© Askeaton grotto

The grotto in Askeaton was opened on August 15 1988.

Holy Wells | Mass Rock | Grotto

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