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Beagh graveyard
© Beagh graveyard

The graveyard in Beagh contains a number of tombs. The oldest headstone that we found here dates from 1760 and is to the memory of Dudley Jovnt who died on June 28th of that year aged 56. The surname may possibly be spelt as Jount or Joynt as the 'v' is unclear on the headstone.

At the Franciscan Friary, there is a graveyard along with a number of headstones that are in various parts of the Friary. In the main graveyard, just inside the main gate, is an unusual headstone. Prior to his death, a cooper named Mikie Magner, who died in early 1950s, designed and built this crude cross as his own headstone. The oldest headstone that we found in the friary dates from 1750 and was to John O'Connor who died aged 52. The month on the headstone is indecipherable.

St Mary's graveyard
© St Mary's graveyard

At St. Mary's church, both Protestants and Roman Catholics are buried in the adjoining graveyard. There are a number of tombs in the graveyard. Near the present day church lies the grave of the poet Aubrey de Vere.

There are a number of interesting headstones in the graveyard. One of these headstones is to Joseph Blackaller who died on November 14th 1795, aged 28. The headstone mentions that Blackaller died on board the ship the Carnalle that was bound for East India or was a ship belonging to the East India Trading Company.

The oldest headstone that we found in the graveyard was to Lawerence Connell who died on June 24th 1780, aged 60. This inscription is followed with the words; "Here lies 19 of his children".

Lismakeery graveyard
© Lismakeery graveyard

The graveyard in Lismakeery is in good condition, which is due to the work of a local committee. The oldest headstone that we came across was in memory to Mary Reddan who died on March 8th 1781, at the age of 50.

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