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Ballysteen Church

Ballysteen Church
© Ballysteen church

The church in Ballysteen was built in 1861 and is dedicated to St. Patrick. The 3rd Earl of Dunraven donated the land for the church in Ballysteen. The date of the church is inscribed on the church bell, which dated from the same year. The church building is noteworthy because of the impressive stonework on the exterior walls. The church was reroofed in 1996. In the grounds of the church, there is a plot to the Naughton family.

Altar in Ballysteen Church  Stained Glass Windows behind the altar in Ballysteen Church
© Altar and Stained Glass Windows in Ballysteen Church

Wooden arches support the high ceiling in this church. The stained glass window behind the altar is divided into three sections, with Mary on the left, the Sacred Heart in the middle and Joseph on the right. To the left of the altar there is a statue to the Virgin Mary, while there is a statue to the Sacred Heart to the right of the altar.

Statue of Joseph on the left of Ballysteen Church  Statue of Mary on the right of Ballysteen Church
© Statues in Ballysteen church

Askeaton Church | Ballysteen Church | Askeaton Friary | Church Ruins

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