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Year Parish Priest Curate(s)
1840 Michael McMahon  
1841 Michael McMahon  
1842 Thomas O’Carroll  
1843 Thomas O’Carroll James McNamara
1844 Thomas O’Carroll James Hogan
1845 Thomas O’Carroll James Hogan
1846 Thomas O’Carroll James Hogan
1847 Thomas O’Carroll James Hogan
1848 Thomas O’Carroll James Hogan
1849 Thomas O’Carroll James Hogan
1850 Thomas O’Carroll James Hogan
1851 R. Shanahan John Hogan
1852 R. Shanahan John Hogan
1853 R. Shanahan John Hogan
1854 R. Shanahan John Hogan
1855 R. Shanahan John Hogan
1856 R. Shanahan John Hogan
1857 R. Shanahan Michael Walsh
1858 R. Shanahan Michael Walsh
1859 R. Shanahan Michael Walsh
1860 Tim Corkery Michael Walsh
1861 Tim Corkery John Kenny
1862 Tim Corkery C. P. Kenny
1863 Tim Corkery M. Cregan
1864 Tim Corkery Michael Irwin
1865 Tim Corkery Patrick Carroll
1866 Tim Corkery Charles McDonnell
1867 Tim Corkery John Kelly
1868 Pat Corkery L. Power
1869 Pat Corkery Daniel Ryan
1870 Pat Corkery Daniel Ryan
1871 Pat Corkery Daniel Ryan
1872 Pat Corkery Michael Byrne
1873 Pat Corkery Robert Kirby
1874 Pat Corkery Robert Kirby
1875 Pat Corkery John Hurley
1876 Pat Corkery John Hurley
1877 Pat Corkery John Hurley
1878 Pat Corkery Pat O’Donnell
1879 Pat Corkery John Conway
1880 Pat Corkery John Conway
1881 Pat Corkery Michael McNamara
1882 Pat Corkery Daniel Crotty
1883 Pat Corkery Daniel Crotty
1884 Pat Corkery Jeremiah Murphy
1885 Pat Corkery Jeremiah Murphy
1886 Pat Corkery James O’Shea
1887 Pat Corkery James O’Shea
    Michael Byrne (Adm.)
1888 Pat Corkery James O’Shea
    Michael Byrne (Adm.)
1889 Michael Byrne (Adm.) James O’Shea
1890 Michael Byrne (Adm.) Bernard O’Mahony
1891 Michael Byrne (Adm.) James Carroll
1892 Michael Byrne (Adm.) James Carroll
1893 Michael Byrne James Carroll
1894 Michael Byrne John Begley
1895 Michael Byrne John Begley
1896 Michael Byrne John Begley
1897 Michael Byrne John Begley
1898 Michael Byrne John Begley
1899 Michael Byrne John Conway
1900 Michael Byrne John Conway
1901 Michael Byrne John Conway
1902 John Reeves John Conway
1903 John Reeves John Conway
1904 John Reeves John Conway
1905 John Reeves Ed. Fitzgerald
1906 John Reeves Ed. Fitzgerald
1907 John Reeves Ed. Fitzgerald
1908 John Reeves Michael Hayes
1909 John Reeves John Conway
1910 John Reeves John Conway
1911 John Reeves John Conway
1912 John Reeves John Conway
1913 John Reeves John Conway
1914 John Reeves John Conway
1915 John Reeves John Conway
1916 John Reeves John Conway
    Maurice Fitzpatrick
1917 John Reeves John Conway
    Maurice Fitzpatrick
1918 John Reeves John Conway
    Maurice Fitzpatrick
1919 John Reeves John Conway
    Maurice Fitzpatrick
1920 Patrick Hartigan Michael Toomey
1921 Patrick Hartigan Michael Ryan
1922 Patrick Hartigan Michael Ryan
1923 Patrick Hartigan Michael Quinn
1924 Patrick Hartigan Michael Quinn
1925 Patrick Hartigan T. O’Sullivan
1926 Patrick Hartigan T. O’Sullivan
1927 Patrick Hartigan Philip Enright
1928 Patrick Hartigan Ed. McCarthy
1929 Patrick Hartigan Ed. McCarthy
1930 Patrick V. Higgins J. Leonard
1931 Patrick V. Higgins Thomas Cussen
1932 Patrick V. Higgins Thomas Cussen
1933 Patrick V. Higgins Thomas Cussen
1934 Patrick V. Higgins Thomas Cussen
1935 Patrick V. Higgins Thomas Cussen
1936 Patrick V. Higgins Thomas Cussen
1937 Patrick Ruddle David Rea
1938 Patrick Ruddle David Rea
1939 Patrick Ruddle David Rea
1940 Patrick Ruddle David Rea
1941 Patrick Ruddle David Rea
1942 Patrick Ruddle David Crowley
1943 Patrick Ruddle David Crowley
1944 Patrick Ruddle Dermot McCarthy
1945 Patrick Ruddle Dermot McCarthy
1946 Patrick Ruddle Dermot McCarthy
1947 Charles Moriarty John Browne
1948 Charles Moriarty John Fitzgibbon
1949 Charles Moriarty John Fitzgibbon
1950 Joseph Leonard Daniel Murphy
1951 Joseph Leonard Daniel Murphy
1952 Joseph Leonard Daniel Murphy
1953 Joseph Leonard Daniel Murphy
1954 Joseph Leonard Daniel Murphy
1955 Joseph Leonard Daniel Murphy
1956 Joseph Leonard Daniel Murphy
1957 Joseph Leonard Daniel Murphy
1958 Joseph Leonard Daniel Murphy
1959 Joseph Leonard Daniel Murphy
1960 Joseph Leonard Eamonn Dillane
1961 Joseph Leonard Eamonn Dillane
1962 Joseph Leonard Eamonn Dillane
1963 Joseph Leonard Eamonn Dillane
1964 John McCarthy Eamonn Dillane
1965 John McCarthy Eamonn Dillane
1966 John McCarthy Thomas Coughlan
1967 John McCarthy Thomas Coughlan
1968 John McCarthy Thomas Coughlan
1969 John McCarthy Thomas Coughlan
1970 John McCarthy Thomas Coughlan
1971 John McCarthy Thomas Coughlan
1972 John McCarthy Daniel Lane
1973 John McCarthy Daniel Lane
1974 John McCarthy Daniel Lane
1975 John McCarthy Thomas Carroll
1976 John McCarthy Thomas Carroll
1977 John McCarthy Thomas Carroll
1978 John McCarthy Thomas Carroll
1979 John McCarthy Thomas Carroll
1980 Daniel Murphy Patrick McMahon
1981 Daniel Murphy Patrick McMahon
1982 Daniel Murphy Patrick McMahon
1983 Daniel Murphy Patrick McMahon
1984 Daniel Murphy Patrick McMahon
1985 Daniel Murphy Patrick McMahon
1986 Daniel Murphy Michael Walsh
1987 Daniel Murphy Michael Walsh
1988 Daniel Murphy Michael Walsh
1989 Daniel Murphy Michael Walsh
1990 Daniel Murphy Michael Walsh
1991 Liam Kelly Michael Walsh
1992 Liam Kelly Michael Walsh
1993 Liam Kelly Michael Walsh
1994 Liam Kelly Michael Walsh
1995 Liam Kelly Michael Walsh
1996 Liam Kelly Michael Walsh
1997 Liam Kelly Michael Walsh
1998 William O’Gorman Michael Walsh
1999 William O’Gorman Michael Walsh
2000 William O’Gorman Michael Walsh
2001 William O’Gorman Michael Walsh
2002 William O’Gorman Michael Walsh
2003 William O’Gorman  
2004 William O’Gorman  
2005 William O’Gorman  
2006 William O’Gorman  
2007 William O’Gorman  


The list of Priests from 1704 to 1836 is compiled from information gained in Begley's History of the Diocese of Limerick Vol. III page 598. The remaining years are compiled from the Catholic Directories. Information contained in a directory of any given year refers to what happened the previous year. For example if a priest is recorded in the 1954 directory as being in a particular parish, this would mean that he was actually there in 1953.

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