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St Laurence's graveyard
© St Laurence's graveyard
Church Wall in St Laurence's graveyard
© Church Wall in St Laurence's graveyard

Mount St Laurence graveyard is in the parish. Originally it was 16 acres of farmland and was called Gortnamanna. It was situated in the old parish of St Laurence. After the Reformation, St John's and St Laurence's were united into one parish. Dr Ryan, Bishop of Limerick, blessed the graveyard on March 29 1849.

New section of St Laurence's graveyard
© New Section of St Laurence's graveyard

The new graveyard was needed due to an outbreak of cholera in the 1830s and the Great Famine of 1845-1848. According to "In the Shadow of the Spire" the metal Celtic cross on the Bethal family grave was originally from the spire of St John's Cathedral but fell from the Cathedral during a storm that occurred in 1883.

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