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Patrickswell graveyard
© Patrickswell graveyard

A new graveyard was opened on the outskirts of the village of Patrickswell in 1991.

Kilkeedy graveyard
© Kilkeedy graveyard

Kilkeedy graveyard is located beside the old Kilkeedy Church of Ireland church. There is a tradition in Kilkeedy graveyard that coffins are laid on the raised footpath outside the wall of the graveyard and prayers are said there before proceeding to enter the graveyard.

There are two different explanations offered for this practice. One was that Roman Catholics said prayers outside the Protestant graveyard and the second reason was that the Roman Catholics had to get on their knees to ask the landlord for the right to be buried in Kilkeedy. There are tombs to the Copper family of Copperhill, Lord Emly and the Massey family within this graveyard, and there is a third unnamed tomb to the left of the church that has AD 1865 written on it. We have been informed that the third tomb we refer to is the Massy (Lord Clarina) vault. An earlier headstone has been located in Kilkeedy which was dedicated to Danl. O’Brien who departed this life April 1700.

A new section has been added to the graveyard. In the older section of the graveyard, there are a lot of simple stone markers as headstones. The oldest headstone that we found was to Laurence Madden, who died August 21st 1748, aged 48.

Clounanna graveyard
© Clounanna graveyard

Clounanna graveyard is located on a hilltop, with a striking view of the surrounding countryside. In the graveyard, there are two prominent headstones side by side. Although the writing on the headstones has faded away, Monsignor Lane informed us that they were the graves of Fr Cronin and Fr Bray, who were both parish priests in the parish. Fr Cronin died in 1795 and was the first burial in the graveyard.

The oldest headstone that we could read was from the year 1812 and was to the memory of Michael Dundon, who died on October 11th of the same year, aged 18. However, we have been informed that there is a headstone to a David Punch who departed life February 1st 1791.

The grounds of St Margaret's church were used as a burial ground for unbaptized children in 1840 but for how long this practice continued is unclear.

There are a number of other graveyards in the parish. Near St James' well, there is a Killeen but the location is unknown. Killasragh was the name of a burial ground for children & adult strangers in the townland of Ballybronoge South. In Church Park there was also a burial ground adjoining the church.

Kilcornan graveyard
© Kilcornan graveyard

Kilcornan graveyard is in the townland of Ballyanrahan and there are two vaults to the Rose family here, one of which is dated as 1695. The inscription on the tomb states that Thomas Rose, Mayor of Limerick is buried here. Stone markers have been used to mark some of the graves. This graveyard is on the lands of Dan McSweeney and, according to Mr McSweeney, the last burial to take place here was in 1911. The graveyard is within a grove of trees on a patch of raised ground. There is a wall around the graveyard and to enter the graveyard, you must climb over a stile on which the year 1402 is etched into the stone.

There was also a children's graveyard in the townland of Garranroe at a place called Crann Cam or the Crooked Tree.

Rose Family Vault  Stone at the entrance to Kilcornan graveyard
© Rose Family Vault and Stone at the entrance to Kilcornan graveyard
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