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Holy Wells

Statue of St Bridget
© Statue of St Bridget

The well itself commemorates the visit of St Bridget to the area, around 500AD. St Bridget was reputedly on her way to visit St Ita when night fell. She took shelter in the chief's fort in Shanagarry. The following morning she told him about God and Jesus Christ. Upon hearing what she had to say, the chief converted to Christianity. Bridget moved some stones from the ground, and a well sprang up where the stones had been. She used the water from the well to baptise the chief. The Irish Folklore Commission, 1936, have placed an information board containing this story by the well.

St Bridget's Well is an artesian well. A life-size statue of the saint has been placed beside the well. Rounds are made at the well, and a pattern is held there annually on February 1st, St Bridget's Day. Rags were left as offerings, although now there is a coin collection box for offerings. The temperature of the well is constant. It is believed to heal sore eyes and other ailments.

St Bridget's Well
© St Bridget's Well

A millennium stone located within the grounds of the well, marks the 2000th Anniversary of Jesus Christ.

According to Danaher, St. David's Well is located at Castle Demesne, in what was once the Earl of Devon's pleasure garden which was celebrated for curing those possessed by the Fairies. There are no traditions surrounding the well.

© Shrine at the well of St Bridget

A shrine in commemoration of the Marian Year 1987-1988 has been erected in Newcastlewest.

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