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Newcastlewest Church | Church Ruins

Newcastlewest Church

Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Newcastlewest.
© Church of the Immaculate Conception
of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Newcastlewest

The present church was built by public subscription in 1828 by Thomas Coll, P.P., and friend of Daniel O'Connell. The original church consisted of a nave and two transepts. The Earl of Devon gave the site for the new church along with a sum of £1,400, which was half the cost of the church.

On Rev. Coll's death in 1857, he was buried in the church. A marble mural monument commemorates his work in building the church. The monument on the Epistle Side is in memory of Dr. Brahan, his successor.

Monument to Rev. Coll
© Monument to Rev. Coll

Dr O'Brien succeeded Dr Brahan on his death in 1861, and it was he who conceived the idea of extending and beautifying the church. It was during this time that the Gothic style façade with its impressive rose window was erected. A new sanctuary and Lady Chapel were also added.

On Dean O'Brien's death in 1885, Dr Hammond succeeded. He added another storey to the bell tower and had the bell erected.

High Altar and stained glass windows.
© High Altar and stained glass windows

In 1894, stained glass windows depicting the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the centre lancet, and St Bridget and St Ita in the two lancets on the right, and St Munchin and St Patrick in the two lancets on the left, were put into the large Gothic window behind the High Altar in memory of Dean O'Brien.

Canon Patrick Lee remodelled the church during his time as parish priest between 1918 and 1931. The remodelling included the addition of two sacristies, one for the priests, and one for the nuns.

Canon Daniel O'Brien, P.P. 1964 - 1979, and Canon Edmond O'Dea, P.P. 1979 - 1992, both contributed to the upkeep and modernisation of the church.

A holy water font inside the main door, on the left, is dedicated to Patrick Sheehy and Bridget (wife).

Shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary
© Shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary

A shrine behind the church is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Buried in the grounds of the church are:

  Mgr. Michael Hannon P.P. V.G., Dean of Limerick, Born 5th Dec. 1873
Ordained 18th June 1899, P.P. 1938 - 1964, Died 12th November 1964
  Domhnah O'Briain, 17th Oct. 1904, P.P. Ardagh - Carrickerry 1959-64
P.P. Newcastlewest 1964-85, Died 15th July 1985.
  William Canon Dwane P.P. VF, Died 30th March 1986
  Archdeacon Lee P.P. VF, 13th July 1931

Newcastlewest Church | Church Ruins

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