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Holy Wells

Danaher mentions four wells in the parish of Monagea. However, two of these wells are nowadays in the parish of Templeglantine, and one is in the parish of Newcastlewest. The only remaining well in the parish of Monagea is in the townland of Rathcahill East.

Lady's Well
© Lady's Well

This well is called Lady's Well and is on the roadside across from the site of the 14th century church in Rathcahill. Three statues have been erected at the well, and it has been surrounded by a wall. The railing around the well was built in the 1930s. Workers on the FAS scheme maintain the well. In the past a large willow tree grew near the well and rags were tied to the tree as offerings. It is claimed that the water can cure sore eyes.

Statue at Lady's Well
© Statue at Lady's Well

The feast day at the well is the 15th of August. Behind the well there is an area of ground, where three rounds of the well are done in a clockwise direction while saying the Rosary.

The water in the well is crystal clear. Legend has it that the well moved when it was cursed. Another legend tells of a woman who took water from the well to boil and she found a fish in the water. It is claimed that St Brigid visited the well when she was on her way to Killeedy to see St Ita.

Danaher also mentions a second well at Mountplummer called St Broney's Well but nothing is known about the well, its location, or its patron saint.

St Banbhan's Well
© St Banbhan's Well

According to local tradition, there was another Holy Well in the townland of Ballyshane. This well is called after St Banbhan, who was from the same race as St Ita. The well is on the land of Eamonn Cregan. No devotions have taken place in a number of years and no one visits the well today.

However a local man told us that he remembers rosary beads were left at the well when he was as a child. The water was believed to cure a number of ailments. The well is situated in boggy land. The water is clean. St Banbhan's feastday was on May 1st or 9th.

Mass Rock

Descent to Monagea Mass Cross
© Descent to Monagea Mass Cross

Monagea mass rock is in the townland of Glenmore and is known locally as Clash an Aifreann. Mass is usually held here on the 15th of August.

The mass rock is in a grove of trees and an altar was erected at the site. The original mass rock was just below the altar and over looks a stream the flows along the valley. Mass was said at the site in 1999 when an oak tree was planted.

Mass Cross  Altar at Monagea mass cross
© Monagea Mass Cross and Altar

Holy Wells | Mass Rocks

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