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Kilcornan graveyard
© Kilcornan graveyard

The present graveyard in Kilcornan is about two hundred yards from the church in Kilcornan on the opposite side of the road.

Castletown graveyard
© Castletown graveyard

Castletown graveyard is situated on the outskirts of Pallaskenry village. There is a cross at the entrance. This graveyard contains the vault of the Waller family, who gave the site for the church. The only name on the vault is that of John, a Member of Parliament who died on November 15, 1836.

Cross outside Castletown graveyard
© Cross outside Castletown graveyard

In the graveyard there are a number of other tombs. There are also a large number of stone markers without inscriptions. A lot of the headstones were difficult to read because the writing has become faded over the years. We came across a headstone to Fr Edmund Connery, who was parish priest in Fedamore and Manister. Fr Connery died on January 15th 1858, aged 70. The oldest headstone that we found here was to James Sheehy who died on November 6th 1733, at the age of 26.

The Waller family vault
© The Waller family vault

There were a number of children's burial grounds in the parish, one at the church in Killeen and another in Kilbreedy. Usually unbaptized children were buried at these locations.

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