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Holy Family Church
© Holy Family Church

The Holy Family parish church was built in 1970 through the generosity of the priests, sisters, teachers and the people of the parish. The building doubled as a community hall until the church was refurbished between 1990 and 1996 under the supervision of the architect Thomas A. Ryan. Outside, to the left of the church, there is a Marian Shrine.

Grotto outside Holy Family Church
© Grotto outside the Holy Family Church
Stained Glass Window from the Good Shepherd Sister's convent
© Stained Glass Window in the Holy Rosary Church

Over the door on the back right-hand side of the church, there is a stained glass window which depicts (from left to right) the soldiers drawing lots for Jesus' robe, Jesus on the Cross and a soldier. This stained glass window was part of the Good Shepherd Sisters convent, Clare St and dates from around 1931. The window was removed from the convent in 1994. A smaller framed stained glass medallion on the right wall depicts St Michael the Archangel.

Altar in Holy Family Church
© Altar in the Holy Family Church
Baptismal Font in the Holy Rosary Church   Tabernacle in the Holy Family Church
© Baptismal Font and Tabernacle in the Holy Family Church

A plaque on the right door of the church details where various items of the church originally came from. The Carmelite Sisters in Rathmines donated the Stations of the Cross in 1979. They were made around 1840.

To the right of the high altar is the baptismal font, which has an angel on either side. There is a stained glass medallion to the Holy Family behind the baptismal font. In an alcove near the font, there is a shrine to St Anthony.

Statue of Saint Anthony
© Shrine to Saint Anthony

Further right of the high altar, there is a small chapel of the Blessed Sacrament. Within the chapel there are Stations of the Cross and a shrine to St Joseph.

Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament
© Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament

In the left porch there is a picture of Pope John Paul II. On the door into the church there are two glass panels on which an angel is depicted on each panel. On the left-hand side of the church, there is a framed stained glass of the Finding in the Temple. There is also a stained glass medallion of the Presentation further along the wall of the church. There is a shrine to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady on the left side of the church.

Shrine to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady
© Shrine to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady

Along the wall there are three more stained glass medallions of the Nativity, the Visitation and the Annunciation. There are seven of these stained glass medallions in total in the church. They were donated by the Christian Brothers School, Sexton St, Limerick. These medallions were made about 1960 and were removed from their monastery in 1993.

Stained Glass Medallion  Stained Glass Medallion  Stained Glass Medallion
© Stained Glass Medallions in the Holy Family Church

The High Altar and Tabernacle were gifts from Thomas & Harriet O'Brien in honour of the Adorable Sacrament. They were presented to the Sisters of Mercy of Bishop St on the feast of the Assumption, 1880. To the right of the altar, there is a Crucifix. The altar, together with the tabernacle and the statues in the church, was presented to the church in 1996.

Crucifix at the Altar
© Crucifix at the Altar in
the Holy Family Church

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