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English Name Irish Name Meaning
Ballycullane Lower Baile Uí Chathláin The town of Ó Cathláin
Ballycullane Upper as above  
Ballydonohue Baile Uí Dhonnchú The town of Ó Donnchú
Ballygiltenane Lower Baile Mhic Giolla tSeanáin The town of Mac Giolla tSeanáin
Ballyguiltenane North as above  
Ballyguiltenane Upper as above  
Ballygoghlan Baile Ó gCochlán The town of Uí Chochláin
Ballyhoolahan Baile Uí Uallacháin The town of Ó hUallacháin
Ballynagaul Baile na nGall The town of the standing stones
Ballynamuddagh Baile na mBodach The town of the low-bred persons
Caheragh Cathrach Place of stone forts
Cloonoughter An Chluain Uachtair The upper meadow
Court An Chúirt The court
Dromreask Drom Riasc Ridge of marsh
Farranmiller Fearann an Mhuilleora The land of the miller
Fleanbeg Fliain Meaning uncertain
Fleanmore as above  
Glenagragra Gleann an Ghrágaire The glen of the croaker
Glin Gleann Corbraí The glen of the Corbraí
Glin Demense An Gleann The glen
Kilfergus Cill Fhearghasa The church of Fearghas
Killacolla Coill an Chalaidh The wood of the landing place
Killeanybeg Coill Fhéinne Enna’s wood
Killeanymore as above  
Kinard Cian Ard Meaning uncertain
Tooraree Lower Tulach Fhraoigh Hillock of heather
Tooraree Upper as above  
Tullyglass An Tulach Ghlas The green hillock
Tullyleague Tulach Liag Hillock of the stones

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