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Introduction to Effin   Effin   Churches

According to Lewis, in the RC divisions, Effin was united with Kilbreedy minor, and Kilquane in 1837. Effin probably derived its name from Cill or Teampaill Effin, meaning the Temple or Church of St Effin.

A native of the parish, Bishop Riordan, is currently in Sierra Leone in the diocese of Kenema. His brother is working with the missions in Ecuador. In the past the local seats in the area belonged to J. Balie, and R. Low Holmes. Balie lived in Newpark, and Holmes in Maidenhall.

The Chalice in Effin
© The Chalice in Effin

There is a beautiful silver chalice still in use in Effin which bears the following inscription: Aegidius Hiffernane et Eleanora Gibbon et Cornelius Hiffernane Aegidii filius me fieri fecurunt 1633.

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Introduction to Effin      Churches