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English Name Irish Name Meaning
Ballinlongig Baile an Longaigh The town of An Longach
Ballyfirreen Baile Phirín The town of Pirín
Ballymongaun Baile Uí Mhongáin The town of Ó Mongán
Banemore An Bán Mór The big (tract of) lea ground
Barnagarrane Barr na nGarrán The high ground of the groves
Boola An Bhuaile The booley
Broadford Béal an Átha The mouth of the ford
Carroward East An Cheathrú Árd The high quarterland
Carroward West as above  
Coolaboy Cúil Buí Yellow corners
Coolaleen Cúil an Lín The corner of the flax
Coolnaknockane Cúil na gCnocán The corner of the hillocks
Dromcollogher Drom Collachair Ridge of the Hazelwood
Farrihy An Fhairche The territory
Gardenfield East Múscrsaí Uí Núnáin Múscraí of Ó Núnáin
Gardenfield South as above  
Gardenfield West as above  
Gorteen An Goirtín The small field
Kells Na Cealla The churches
Killeen An Cillín The small church
Knockacraig Cnoc an Chraobhaigh The hill of An Craobhach
Knockgloss An Cnoc Glas The green hill
Knocktoosh Cnoc Túis Meaning uncertain
Lacka Lower An Leaca The hillside
Lacca Upper as above  
Lisnafulla Lios na Fola The enclosure of the blood
Mondellihy Móin Deilithe Meaning uncertain
Mount Plummer Cill Aidhleach The church of Aidhleach
Sheshiv Seiseamh Sixth part
Springfield Gort na Tiobraide The field of the well
Tullaha Na Tulacha The hillocks
Tulligmacthomas Tulaigh Mhic Thomáis The hillock of Mac Thomáis
Woodfield Ros na Réileán The high place of the level tracts


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