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Dromcollogher graveyard
© Dromcollogher graveyard

Oldest Headstone in Dromcollogher graveyard
© Oldest Headstone in
Dromcollogher graveyard

The present day cemetery in Dromcollogher is located across the road from the present day church. This graveyard surrounds the ruins of St Bartholomew's church. The oldest headstone that we found in the cemetery was dedicated to the memory of the Reverend Patrick Quin who was a priest in Dromcollogher. Fr. Quin died on the 29th of April 1778.

Killagholehane graveyard
© Killagholehane graveyard

Killagholehane graveyard is situated in the townland of the same name. This graveyard, also known as Killaliathan, surrounds the ruins of Killagholehane church. The graveyard is well kept. The oldest headstone that we came across in this graveyard dates from 1862 and is in memory of a woman called Parker. She is the only Protestant buried in this graveyard.

Springfield graveyard
© Springfield graveyard

Springfield graveyard is located in Springfield townland. The oldest headstone that we came across here was in memory of David Neal who died on December 29th, 1715. Marker stones can be found throughout the graveyard. One gable end of Springfield church ruin remains standing in this graveyard.

Although it is now situated in the Diocese of Cloyne, Tullylease was once part of the parish of Dromcollogher/Broadford. A graveyard surrounds the church ruin.

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