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Bruff Graveyard
© Bruff graveyard

Bruff graveyard is located beside Bruff church. Archdeacon Begley, P.P., and Bishop Keane opened this graveyard in 1937.

Graveyard at Grange Church
© Graveyard at Grange Church

The graveyard in Grange is in the church grounds. The oldest headstone that we found here is in memory of James Power, who died on October 17th 1781, aged 75. There is also a large tomb to John Purcell in this graveyard.

Graveyard at Meanus Church
© Graveyard at Meanus Church

Meanus graveyard is situated beside Meanus church. The oldest headstone that we found here was in memory of John Gleeson who died on August 4th 1874.

Teamplin graveyard
© Teamplin graveyard

The graveyard at Teamplin is no longer in use, although it is well kept. There are no visible ruins in this graveyard. The oldest headstone that we found here is in memory of Margaret Madden, who died on May 3rd 1785, aged 22. A headstone of interest in this graveyard is that of Cornelius O'Sullivan of Scartaglin, Co. Kerry, who was killed in action at Gortboy, Kilmallock on July 16th 1922, aged 21.

Kyle graveyard at Camas
© Kyle graveyard

Kyle graveyard, in the townland of North Camas, is located over a mile west of Bruff, off the Croom road. It is now overgrown. There are no visible ruins here either. This cemetery was the burial place of the Bruff/Boston Fitzgeralds. Nellie O'Brien, widow of Jack Fitzgerald was buried here in January 1935. Jack Fitzgerald died in 1906, and was also buried in Kyle. Pte. Cornelius O'Sullivan and two comrades were buried briefly in Kyle before disinterment and reburial at Teamplin. The oldest headstone that we found here was that of Mary Hogan who died April 14th 1854.

Tullybracky graveyard
© Tullybracky graveyard

There is also an old cemetery at Tullabracky. One wall remains of the church ruin. Many of the inscriptions on the headstones here were quite worn, and so were difficult to read. However, on the oldest headstone that we found, we believe the inscription to have been in memory of Lucy Bouchier who died on July 25th 1747. Also, according to locals, some of the inscriptions on the headstones in this graveyard are inscribed backwards. Unfortunately we do not know the reason for this custom.

Glenogra graveyard
© Glenogra graveyard

There were three tombs in Glenogra graveyard, but the inscriptions on these were faded. The oldest headstone that we found here was to the memory of Bridget Ahearne, who died on February 10th 1813, aged 70.

Uregare graveyard
© Uregare graveyard

Uregare was once a parish in itself. Uregare graveyard is still in use today. However, the graveyard is quite overgrown. The oldest headstone that we came across in this graveyard was in memory of Anne Rawleighal, who died on November 28th 1768, aged 27. The church of St Margaret in Dromin was demolished between 1826 and 1840, and the stones of this church as well as those of Uregare church were used to enclose the graveyard of Uregare.

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