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Brief Parish History & Geographical Location

According to Begley's "History of the Diocese of Limerick" Banogue is an ancient canonry of the diocese but under the name of Anhid. Anhid is now in the neighbouring parish of Croom. The parish was separated in 1861 upon the death of Laurence Harnett P.P. of Croom. The parish name was changed from Anhid to Banogue. The parish of Banogue is located near the N20 that runs from Cork to Limerick. The present population of the parish is about 550 people.

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When the church was built is an issue of debate. It has been claimed that the church was built in 1840 but according to Fr Kennedy, the church was probably built in 1818 or 1819. Stones were brought from Croom to build the church. The church was renovated in 1826 and more than likely the date of 1840 was a further renovation to the church. More recently the church was renovated in 1955.

On the wall of the church beside the road, there are a number of rings inserted in the wall. These rings were used to tie up donkeys and traps while people were attending mass.

Originally the church consisted of the nave and the left transept of the present church. The right transept was a latter addition - perhaps in 1840. The church is dedicated to SS. Peter & Paul and on either side of the altar is a statue of one of the saints, Peter on the left and Paul on the right. There is also a statue of the Madonna in the church.

In front of the church there is a depiction of the crucifixion at Calvary. Fr Denis Fitzpatrick erected this in 1938 with the help of the parishioners.

Buried in the grounds of the church are:

Solomon Frost
P.P. 1902-1922
Died November 24 1922

Thomas Mortell P.P.
Died October 8 1946

Denis Fitzpatrick
P.P. 1935-1939
Died May 11 1939, aged 56

Timothy Culhane P.P.
Died November 16 1983, aged 66

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The graveyard was opened in 1955 and is situated across the road from the church. Prior to 1955 local people were buried in cemeteries in either the parishes of Croom or Ballingarry/Granagh.

Westropp lists Ross Temple, also known as Kiltemplalain in the parish, which was the site of a Kyle burial ground. This site is no longer known.

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Holy Wells

There is a well in Banogue, which was formerly in the parish of Croom. The well is called Banoge well and is in the townland of Ballynabanoge. According to Danaher whitethorn trees surrounded the well. The water was believed to cure animals affected with sore eyes. No devotions take place at the well today and the water is now used to supply domestic needs.

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English Name Irish Name Meaning
Ballinree Baile an Rí The town of the king
Ballintaw Baile an tSamhaidh The town of the sorrel
Ballyculleen Baile an Choillín The town of the small wood
Ballymacrory Baile Mhic Ruairí The town of Mac Ruairí
Ballynabanogue Baile na Bánóige The town of the small tract of lea-ground
Ballyphilip Baile Philib The town of Philip
Clorane An Cloichreán The stony place
Dohora An Dumhach Chorrach The uneven mound
Dunkip Dún Cip Fort of the tree stump
Glenbevan An Gleann The glen
Inchinclare Inse an Chláraigh The wet meadow of An Clárach
Morenane Boirneán The rocky place
Morenane West as above  
Pullagh Pollach Place of holes
Rosstemple Ros an Teampaill The high place of the church
Tullovin Tulach Ó bhFinn The hillock of Uí Fhinn


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List of Priests

Year Parish Priest Curate(s)
1862 N. Donnell  
1863 William O’Donnell  
1864 William O’Donnell  
1865 William O’Donnell  
1866 William O’Donnell  
1867 William O’Donnell John Glesson
1868 William O'Donnell M. Power
1869 James L. Roche Edmond Tracey
1870 James L. Roche  
1871 James L. Roche  
1872 James L. Roche  
1873 James L. Roche Daniel Crotty
1874 James L. Roche  
1875 James L. Roche John Doody
1876 James L. Roche  
1877 John Kelly  
1878 John Kelly Denis O’Keeffe
1879 Jeremiah Halpin Denis O’Keeffe
1880 Jeremiah Halpin John Conway
1881 Jeremiah Halpin  
1882 Jeremiah Halpin  
1883 Jeremiah Halpin  
1884 Jeremiah Halpin  
1885 Jeremiah Halpin  
1886 Jeremiah Halpin  
1887 Jeremiah Halpin  
1888 Jeremiah Halpin  
1889 Jeremiah Halpin  
1890 Jeremiah Halpin  
1891 Jeremiah Halpin  
1892 Jeremiah Halpin  
1893 Jeremiah Halpin  
1894 Jeremiah Halpin  
1895 Jeremiah Halpin  
1896 Jeremiah Halpin Patrick Halpin
1897 Jeremiah Halpin  
1898 Jeremiah Halpin John O’Connor
1899 Jeremiah Halpin John Carr
1900 Jeremiah Halpin John Carr
1901 Jeremiah Halpin John Carr
1902 Jeremiah Halpin Thomas Connolly
1903 Solomon Frost  
1904 Solomon Frost  
1905 Solomon Frost  
1906 Solomon Frost  
1907 Solomon Frost  
1908 Solomon Frost  
1909 Solomon Frost  
1910 Solomon Frost  
1911 Solomon Frost  
1912 Solomon Frost  
1913 Solomon Frost  
1914 Solomon Frost  
1915 Solomon Frost  
1916 Solomon Frost  
1917 Solomon Frost Tim O’Sullivan
1918 Solomon Frost Tim O’Sullivan
1919 Solomon Frost Michael Toomey
1920 Solomon Frost Hugh O’Connor
1921 Solomon Frost Daniel Brosnahan
1922 Solomon Frost Daniel Brosnahan
1923 David O’Carroll Daniel Brosnahan
1924 David O’Carroll Daniel Brosnahan
1925 David O’Carroll Daniel Brosnahan
1926 David O’Carroll  
1927 Thomas Connolly  
1928 Thomas Connolly  
1929 Thomas Connolly  
1930 Thomas Connolly Michael Minahan
1931 Thomas Connolly Fr. Stenson
1932 Thomas Connolly William Creed
1933 Thomas Connolly  
1934 Thomas Connolly Michael Doody
1935 Thomas Connolly Michael Kelly
1936 Denis Fitzpatrick Michael Kelly
1937 Denis Fitzpatrick  
1938 Denis Fitzpatrick  
1939 Denis Fitzpatrick  
1940 Thomas Mortell  
1941 Thomas Mortell  
1942 Thomas Mortell Hubert Fee
1943 Thomas Mortell  
1944 Thomas Mortell Joseph O’Beirne
1945 Thomas Mortell Gerard Wall
1946 Thomas Mortell Gerard Wall
1947 Edmund Condon  
1948 Edmund Condon  
1949 Edmund Condon  
1950 Edmund Condon  
1951 Edmund Condon  
1952 Edmund Condon  
1953 Edmund Condon  
1954 Edmund Condon  
1955 Edmund Condon  
1956 Edmund Condon  
1957 Edmund Condon  
1958 Thomas Kirby  
1959 Thomas Kirby  
1960 Thomas Kirby  
1961 Thomas Kirby  
1962 Michael Doody  
1963 Michael Doody  
1964 Michael Doody  
1965 Michael Doody  
1966 Michael Doody  
1967 Michael Doody  
1968 Michael Doody  
1969 Michael Doody  
1970 Michael Doody  
1971 Michael Doody  
1972 Michael Frawley  
1973 Michael Frawley  
1974 Michael Frawley  
1975 Michael Frawley  
1976 Michael Frawley  
1977 Timothy Culhane  
1978 Timothy Culhane  
1979 Timothy Culhane  
1980 Timothy Culhane  
1981 Timothy Culhane  
1982 Timothy Culhane  
1983 Timothy Culhane  
1984 Martin Madigan  
1985 Martin Madigan  
1986 Martin Madigan  
1987 Martin Madigan  
1988 Martin Madigan  
1989 Martin Madigan  
1990 Anthony Mulvihill  
1991 Anthony Mulvihill  
1992 Anthony Mulvihill  
1993 Anthony Mulvihill  
1994 Anthony Mulvihill  
1995 Anthony Mulvihill  
1996 David Kennedy  
1997 David Kennedy  
1998 David Kennedy  
1999 David Kennedy  
2000 David Kennedy  
2001 David Kennedy  
2002 David Kennedy  
2003 Joseph Kennedy (admin)  
2004 Joseph Kennedy (admin)  
2005 Joseph Kennedy (admin) Eamonn O'Brien
2006 Joseph Kennedy (admin) Eamonn O'Brien
2007 Joseph Kennedy (admin) Eamonn O'Brien

The list of Priests from 1704 to 1836 is compiled from information gained in Begley's History of the Diocese of Limerick Vol. III page 598. The remaining years are compiled from the Catholic Directories. Information contained in a directory of any given year refers to what happened the previous year. For example if a priest is recorded in the 1954 directory as being in a particular parish, this would mean that he was actually there in 1953.

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