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English Name Irish Name Meaning
Ballyagran Béal Átha Grean Fordmouth of the gravel
Ballybane An Baile Bán The white town
Ballysalla An Baile Salach The dirty town
Caherclogh Cathair Chloch The stone fort of the stones
Cappanihane Ceapach an Fhiacháin The tillage plot of the small raven
Cappananty Ceapach na Neanta The tillage plot of the nettles
Castletown Baile an Chaisleáin The town of the castle
Cloonee Cluain Í Meadow of the yew
Coolagowan Cúil an Ghabhann The corner of the smith
Creggane An Creagán The rocky place
Croghteen An Croichtín The small croft
Dreenaan Draighnéan Small blackthorn
Drewscourt East Muileann Driú The mill of Driú
Drewscourt West as above  
Fort East An Daingean  
Fort Middle as above  
Fort West as above  
Foxhall East Currach an Mhadra The wet land of the dog
Foxhall West as above  
Gortroe (Castletown) An Gort Rua The red field
Gortroe (Charleville) as above  
Graigue An Ghráig The hamlet
Incha An Inse The wet meadow
Killacolla (Barker) Coill an Chalaidh The wood of the landing place
Rossbane An Ros Bán The white high place
Rossmore An Ros Mór The big high place


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