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Introduction to Ballyagran-Colmanswell   Ballyagran-Colmanswell   Churches


The parish of Ballyagran/Colmanswell has had a number of different names over the years. In ancient times the parish formed part of the parish of Corcomohide, which also included the present day parishes of Drumcollogher and Kilmeedy. The parish of Corcomohide was divided up in 1719.

The parish was originally called Castletown MacEnery until Captain George Conyers bought the land of the MacEnerys in 1703. The MacEnerys were the ruling family of Corcomohide and had their seat of power in Castletown. It wasn't until the early 19th century that the parish became Ballyagran.

Colmanswell was part of the parish of Bruree from 1704 until 1859 when it became a separate parish until it joined with Ballyagran in 1892. There is no actual townland of Colmanswell and so the church is situated in the townland of Gortroe.

Ballyagran can be translated as Béal Atha Grean, which means 'the fordmouth of the Gravel' while Colmanswell can be translated as Tobar Cholmain. The old Irish name for Colmanswell was Cluain Comhartha, which means 'the meadow of the sign'. The population of the parish is around 1,100.

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Introduction to Ballyagran-Colmanswell      Churches