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English Name Irish Name Meaning
Athea Lower Áth an tSléibhe The fort of the mountain
Athea Upper as above  
Clash North An Chlais The trench
Clash South as above  
Cool East An Chúil The corner
Coole West as above  
Crataloe East An Chreatalach A sallow wood
Cratloe West as above  
Derreen Lower An Doirín The small thicket
Derreen Upper as above  
Dromada Drom Fhada Long ridge
Glashapullagh Glaise an Phollaigh The stream of the place of holes
Glenagower Gleann an Ghabhair The glen of the Goat
Gortnagross Gort na gCros The field of the crosses
Keale North An Caol The narrow feature
Keale South as above  
Knockdown Cnoc Donn Brown hill
Knockfinisk Cnoc Finnisce Hill of bright water
Knocknagornagh Cnoc na gCoirneach The hill of the clerics
Park An Pháirc The field
Rooskagh Rúscach Marshy place
Templeathea East Teampaill an tSléibhe The church of the mountain
Templeathea West as above  
Tooradoo Na Tuara Dubha The black animal enclosures
Tooreendonnell Tuairín Dónaill The small animal enclosure of Dónall


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