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English Name Irish Name Meaning
Aghalacka An tÁth Leacach The flagged ford
Altavilla Tulaigh Hillock
Askeaton Eas Géitine The waterfall of Géitine
Ballynacourty Baile na Cúirte The town of the court
Ballinvoher Baile an Bhóthair The town of the road
Ballyaglish Baile na hEaglaise The town of the church
Ballycanauna Baile an Chanánaigh The town of the canon
Ballyellinan Baile Uí Oileannáin The town of Ó hOileannáin
Ballyengland Lower Baile an Ingleontaigh The town of An tIngleontach
Ballyengland Upper as above  
Ballyhomin Baile Thoimín The town of Toimín
Ballynacaheragh Baile na Cathrach The town of the stone fort
Ballynash Baile an Naisigh The town of An Naiseach
Ballynort Baile Ó nDúrtaigh The town of Uí Dhúrtaigh
Ballysteen Baile Uístín The town of Uístín
Ballyvaddock Baile Mhadóg The town of Madóg
Baunreagh An Bán Riabhach The streaked lea-ground
Beagh Beitheach Place of birch trees
Cloonreask Cluain Riasc Meadow of the marshes
Conigar An Coinicéar The rabbit-warren
Coolrahnee Cúil Raithní Corner of the bracken
Courtbrown Cúirt an Bhrúnaigh The court of An Brúnach
Cragmore An Chraig Mhór The big rock
Creeves An Chraobh The tree
Drominoona Dromainn Úna The ridge of Una
Drominycullane Dromainn Uí Choileán The ridge of Ó Coileáin
Galway Gallmhaigh Plain of standing stones
Issane Easán Small waterfall
Liffane An Leathbhán The half-portion of lea ground
Lismakeery Lios Mhic Thíre The enclosure of Mac Tíre
Milltown Baile an Mhuillinn The town of the mill
Mitchelstown Baile an Mhistéalaigh The town of An Mistéalach
Moig North Maigh an Iarla The plain of the earl
Moig South as above  
Shannonview Baile Radharc na Sionainne  
Tomdeely North Tuaim Dhaoile Tumulus of the Daoil
Tomdeely South as above  


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