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Abbeyfeale Church

Abbeyfeale Church
©  Abbeyfeale Church

The present day church, the Church of the Assumption was built during the years 1966 - 1968 under the leadership of Philip Canon Enright, who is buried in the grounds.

Statue in the grounds of Abbeyfeale church  Holy Water Font in the grounds of Abbeyfeale church
© Statue and Holy Water Font
in Abbeyfeale Church grounds

In the grounds of the church, there is a statue to the memory of James Joseph Sheehy who died in 1948 in Chicago. Mr. Sheehy was a native of the area and it was erected by Fr. Vincent J. Sheehy in 1985 who was a priest in Miami. The holy water font in the grounds is believed to come from the abbey. A grotto has been erected to the right of the church.

Grotto in Abbeyfeale church grounds
© Grotto in Abbeyfeale church grounds

To the left of the church, there is a small plot where priests who served in the area or came from the area are buried. Three members of the McEnery family are buried here. Thomas, Patrick and Denis were all priests in the Diocese of Duluth in Minnesota. Also, two brothers of the Murphy family, Seán and T. J. were priests in Rockhampton, Australia. Two other priests who preached the Gospels in far-flung places were J. Downey in Canberra, Australia and Monsignor Daniel P. Collins in Los Angeles. Two local priests are also buried here, Monsignor Dan Gallagher and Canon O'Donoghue.

Altar in Abbeyfeale church  Mosaic behind the altar the Abbeyfeale church
© Altar and Mosaic in Abbeyfeale Church

There is a stained glass window of Mary at the back of the church. In the left transept, there is a stained glass window depicting Jesus healing the sick. There is also a crucifix in this transept. The adjoining plaque states that the crucifix is to Denis Bailey of Rockchapel, who contributed to the Sheltered Housing Scheme.

Altar in Side Chapel in Abbeyfeale church  Stained glass window in the side chapel in Abbeyfeale church
© Altar and Stained Glass Window
in Side Chapel in Abbeyfeale Church

An interesting feature of this church is the small chapel to Jesus attached to the left transept. To the left of the altar in this chapel, there is a statue of the Sacred Heart, while to the right is a statue of Mary. Stained glass windows in this chapel depict the resurrection of Jesus, the Holy Spirit descending on the apostles, the Crucifixion, and the bread and wine of Mass. These stained glass windows are donated in memory of Denis and Mary Lyons of Port, Abbeyfeale, Dick and Mary Hartnett of Port, Sr. Theresa, Joe and Eily, Connie, Sr. Immaculata, and Bridie Hartnett of Port, and James and Julia Quirke respectively. The chapel was opened in June 1991 by Bishop Newman.

Stained glass window of the Holy Spirit  Stained Glass window of Our Lady
Stained glass window showing the Good Samaritan  Stained glass window of Jesus and the apostles
© Stained Glass Windows in
Abbeyfeale church

In the main church, there is a stained glass window of the Good Samaritan on the left behind the altar, while the stained glass window on the right depicts Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. There is a shrine to Mary Immaculate to the left of the main altar. In the right transept of the church there are two shrines, on to St Joseph, and one to Mary. The stained glass window in the right transept depicts the healing of the lepers.

Buried in the grounds of the church are:

  Philip Canon Enright, P.P. 1965-1969, Died 28th Aug. 1969
  Thomas McEnery, Diocese of Duluth, Minnesota, Died 19th Sept. 1983
  Patrick McEnery, Diocese of Duluth, Minnesota, Died 19th Jan. 1987
  Mgr. Don Gallagher, 1975-1991, Died 16th Nov. 1991
  TJ Murphy, Rockhampton, Australia, Died 11th Mar. 1992
  Mgr. Daniel P. Collins, St Lawrence Martyr, L.A., Died 10th Oct. 1994
  J. Downey, Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulbourn Australia, Died 28th Jan.1997
  Seán Murphy, Rockhampton, Australia, Died 10th Jan. 1998
  Denis McEnery, Diocese of Duluth, Minnesota, USA, Died 6th June 1998
  James Kevin Canon O'Donoghue, Died 25th May 1999

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